SFU to begin first phase of Surrey expansion

The long awaited expansion of Surrey’s SFU campus is set to be underway soon. A development application was recently submitted to the City of Surrey to permit the construction of a new 5 storey Sustainable Energy & Environmental Engineering Building on land currently occupied by 2 parking lots at the northwest corner of 102 Ave and University Dr.

The final design of the building has not yet been released, but will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the streetscape and neighbourhood when complete, adding to other development in the area such as the currently under construction 37-storey Prime condominium tower to the adjacent north.

As part of the project, 102A Avenue will be re-aligned to create a new intersection where the Surrey Central Skytrain Station bus loop currently exists, setting the stage for the coming removal of the bus loop itself. The current lane / pathway will also close as part of the project, and be reconstructed as a new north-south urban green lane along the west edge of the site, linking to Prime.

Excavation could be underway as soon as later this year, with completion expected in 2019. More details to come.




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