PHOTO UPDATE: 3 Civic Plaza

A quick photo update of the 3 Civic Plaza development in Surrey City Centre which is now starting to dominate the area and skyline. The building has now reached 31 levels in height and will continue to climb until it reaches its final height of 48 stories, by the end of this year.

When complete, the building will be heavily mixed-use, containing a Marriott brand Autograph Collection Hotel, condominiums, office space, a satellite campus of Kwantlen Polytechnical University (KPU), a health club, restaurant, and retail.









2 thoughts on “PHOTO UPDATE: 3 Civic Plaza

  1. If you counted the flrs. Correct you would know that 4/13 are not included in any new development Structure any were so you are actually on the 36 floor of building if you get out and check go over and see how Concord Pacific is doing what I am describing and new Bosa building 4/13 left out


    1. According to the Planning Report the building is to have 48 storeys. I am not sure what the floor count will be based on removed floor numbers. Most new buildings not only have 4/13 removed, but also any number with a ‘4’, so 14, 24, 34, etc.

      See report below:

      Click to access CR_2013-L002.pdf


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