Surrey Central ‘Park-It’ Opens

For the 4th year in a row, the Surrey Central ‘Park-it’ pop-up park has returned to Surrey Central Station. This year’s winning submission ‘Polka-Dot / Surrey Spot’ was designed by UBC Landscape Architecture Students Tian Tian and Huan Pan, and is described as:

” an outdoor stage that references a small scale theatre. The design is based on a “spot” idea and uses circles to soften the edges of the skytrain columns, parking lot corners and concrete. The circles appear in every element of the design including benches, piano, ground plane and bar seats. A bench with metal poles can be played like a xylophone. Bright orange, yellow and blue create a colourful and inviting space for pedestrians.”

The space has been getting plenty of attention since opening this week, with people gathering into the night for piano, singing, and a place to sit / eat / socialize. The park will be in place until mid-September.




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