Crane Installation at Evolve

A luffing crane has now been installed at WestStone Group’s 36-storey Evolve Condo project in Surrey City Centre’s emerging West Village neighbourhood. The use of a luffing crane is a rare sight in Metro Vancouver condo construction, as it is typically used in situations where movement of the crane is constrained by other buildings. In this case, the adjacent 36-storey Ultra condo tower to the South of the project would prevent a standard crane from being able to swing a full 360 degrees.

When complete in 2018, Evolve will add not only condos, but also retail and commercial space to the West Village neighbourhood along a newly dedicated 103 Ave, forming the beginning of a new neighbourhood centre. Four additional towers will be added through future phases of WestStone’s master plan for the area, along with retail, commercial space, and new pedestrian and road connections.







More on Evolve:


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