Construction Fencing up at SFU Surrey Expansion

Construction fencing is now up at the SFU Sustainable Energy & Environmental Engineering Building site at 102 Ave & University Dr. While the project has not yet received 4th reading / final approval from Surrey City Council, this is a good indication that they expect to soon, and are aiming to get a head start on site preparation so that clearing and excavation can begin this fall.

It also now appears that the remaining house to the adjacent north of the site on 102A Ave may be set to be demolished soon as well, with numerous construction trailers now on the property. The vacant lots further to the north of it have also seen some site cleaning this week, perhaps indicating that trees on those properties could soon be removed. These properties have been indicated as a future site for an SFU residence tower, as well as new Urban Green Lane which will run behind the new SFU Building.




More on the SFU Surrey Expansion:

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