Application Submitted for Anthem Properties Site

Further to last month’s Anthem Properties announcement, an application has now been submitted by the developer for a 6-tower mixed-use development on the Save-on Foods / Canadian Tire site at 102 Ave between King George Blvd and Whalley Blvd in Surrey City Centre. This differs slightly from details released on Anthem Properties website indicating a 7-Tower project. Details of the application submitted (Project Number 16-0448) are as follows:

Rezoning from CD to CD (based on RMC-135), development permit for six mixed-used high-rise tower buildings, subdivision from one to six properties.

Rezoning from CD to CD (based on RMC-135) to permit development of a 30-storey mixed use building.

Development permit for a 30-storey mixed-used building.

Based on this, it appears Anthem wishes to subdivide the property into 6 parcels for a multi-phased development, starting with a 30-storey mixed-use tower.

While no plans have yet been released, the City Centre road network plan gives an indication of how the site will be parceled, with 2 new roads to run east-west through the large site, and a new urban green lane to run north-south.

More details as they are released.




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