Central City Renovations

Central City Shopping Centre has recently announced plans and begun work on a major renovation of aging parts of its complex. As part of the initial phase, the 2-storey portion of the mall between Wal-Mart and T&T Supermarket is currently being updated with a new contemporary look featuring wood paneling around balcony areas and a wave-like feature in the atrium. It is expected that once this phase is completed, upgrades will be expanded to remaining portions of the mall in need of updates.

At present the mall is a haphazard mix of interiors dating from various eras of expansions and renovations. Some of the oldest portions have not been updated since the 90s when the mall was known as Surrey Place. This latest update should help to bring a cohesive look to the complex, and hopefully attract new tenants. Since opening in the 1960’s the mall has seen much transformation and numerous expansions, the most significant being the addition of SFU and the Office Tower in 2003. It is hoped that this latest renovation will help to attract new tenants to the shopping centre which has seen a resurgence of activity lately, with the mall now busier than it’s been in over a decade thanks to the mix of uses in the complex. The Central City leasing brochure currently shows a large section in the centre of the mall where a corridor used to be as up for lease. It’s anticipated that a future phase of renovations will involve the re-opening of this wing adding new retail space and improved mall connectivity.

Beyond this current wave of renovation there remains the potential for even further evolution of the complex, particularly where surface parking now exists along its King George Blvd frontage, as well as its frontage facing Holland Park along Old Yale Rd. These two sides of the mall hold tremendous opportunity for re-development and transformation of the shopping centre as Surrey City Centre grows, and Central City evolves into Surrey’s key downtown destination shopping centre.



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