SFU Expansion – Site Clearing

Further to the update earlier this month on the SFU expansion project, more site clearing has taken place adjacent to the project.

As of Oct 27th, trees on 3 lots to the west of the project were cleared, and the site is now being prepped for what appears to be a construction staging site for the SFU project. No development applications have been submitted on the lots, all that is known is that they are owned by the City of Surrey. When complete a new Urban Green Lane will run North-South between these recently cleared lots and the SFU project, as shown on the plan below.

With this added clearing of trees, the area west of University Drive known as West Village continues its transformation into Surrey’s first high-density urban neighbourhood.





2 thoughts on “SFU Expansion – Site Clearing

  1. the clearing of those lots will be a temporary parking area of the sfu expansion till the project supposed to go in there applies there application to build


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