Concord’s next phase ‘Park Boulevard’ coming to King George

Concord Pacific’s next phase of development near King George Station has recently entered pre-sales, with a new site now up at for potential buyers to register.

This next phase will add a 6th tower to the Concord Pacific community in Surrey, following the original 3-tower Park Place, and 2-tower Park Avenue developments. Concord first submitted a development application for the project back in July 2016 for a 42-storey tower on the site, which is slightly higher than the previous towers constructed which are in the 36 to 40-storey range.

Despite an application for a single 42-storey tower, a rendering on the front page of the Park Boulevard site depicts what appears to be a tower of less than 42-storeys, as well as an additional shorter tower on the site. While the rendering is likely inaccurate and just a placeholder, it remains unclear whether Concord intends to develop a 2nd tower on this site as part of a separate application. If so, this would be consistent with the original plan for the site, initially developed by Korean developer Jung Developments as Infinity in the late 2000’s. Concord took over the project in 2008, re-branding it as ‘Park Place’ after Jung Developments was forced to bail on the project mid-construction during the 2008 financial crisis.


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