Development Application submitted for new 46-Storey tower in West Village


A new development application has been submitted to the City of Surrey by Chris Dikeakos Architects Inc. to develop a new 46-storey mixed-use tower at 10297 133A St in the rapidly-changing West Village neighbourhood of Surrey City Centre. Details of the application at this time indicate that 551 residential units are proposed within the tower, along with 4491 sq.ft. of commercial & retail space at ground level. The development would complete the block occupied by the neighbouring 35-storey ‘Ultra’ tower, and the currently under-construction 36-storey ‘Evolve‘ tower, designed by the same Architect.

This latest tower represents ‘Phase 6’ of a master plan for the area being developed by WestStone Group as shown on the map below. It appears that this next phase will be moving forward ahead of ‘Phase 5’ on the map which is shown just to the north. In addition to adding density and new residents to the area, the proposed commercial and retail space will compliment similar space under construction at Evolve to create a new neighbourhood commercial hub for West Village along future 103 Ave (Central Ave).


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Visionary new Surrey City Centre Plan adopted

uxexzgeConceptual Rendering of Surrey City Centre in 2040

A landmark decision was made tonight as Surrey City Council gave final adoption to the new City Centre Plan. The plan, which has been under development for the past 10 years, is a major revision and update to the first City Centre Plan adopted back in 1991. Its aim is to redefine the vision and help better establish and reinforce a desirable development pattern for Surrey’s downtown. The 500-page document is full of visionary guidelines, objectives, and plans for the area, which will guide development over the next 30 years.

Below are some of the highlights:

The goal of the Surrey City Centre Plan is to help develop and support a regional downtown that is the main business, cultural and activity centre for the City of Surrey. It is anticipated that the existing City Centre population of 32,000 will more than double by 2033 to approximately 68,000 people and the number of jobs will increase from 24,000 to 32,000 over the next 10 years.” The population of Surrey as a whole is expected to grow from 550,000 today to over 800,000 within 30 years to become the largest city in BC.

Surrey’s City Centre is undergoing a major transformation from a suburban centre into a walkable high density, transit oriented downtown for South of the Fraser. Surrey City Centre is envisioned to be the Fraser Valley’s metropolitan centre, connected to major regional destinations by rapid transit and an efficient road network designed to support walking, cycling, and transit. It will be a centre for major employment; services; higher density housing; and commercial, cultural, entertainment, and institutional activity. Surrey City Centre is also designated as Metro Vancouver’s second metropolitan centre in the 2040 Regional Growth Strategy.”

Distinct and vibrant neighbourhoods, including a dynamic and innovative business sector, university, hospital, and civic and historic districts, will form the framework of the City Centre. Each of these areas will have its own unique character that together will create a diverse, authentic, and interesting downtown.”

Artistic rendering of Surrey Central Station and a pedestrianized City Parkway with LRT

City Centre Neighbourhoods


  • The City Centre Plan area has been organized into a number of distinct residential neighbourhoods and mixed use districts each with its own emerging identity, function, and scale. These sub areas help to create a focused, vibrant, and more urban downtown by defining and understanding the plan area through a smaller scale and framework.

1960’s Rickshaw Restaurant Sign at 10522 King George Blvd – Photo by Rebecca Bollwitt/Miss604

  • A Mid-Century Historic District:
    • Building on the historic roots of the area, the vision for the Historic District is to support a pedestrian-oriented eclectic shopping experience with a continuous commercial and retail edge with pedestrian amenities. The historic, mid-century modern feel will be preserved and reinforced through small storefronts, building façade treatment and materials, public art, and signage.
    • New developments will incorporate the 1950’s character by using elements that reflect a mid-century modern design aesthetic. These elements include flat roof lines, vertically oriented windows, cantilevered overhangs, and clean and contemporary lines.
    • Preservation of mid-century heritage signs. If re-use of the sign is not possible, new developments should integrate the heritage sign into the redevelopment through an adaptive re-use approach.

Conceptual rendering of Surrey Central area – Existing and Future SFU buildings in red.

    • Central Downtown:
      • A major transit hub will be located at the core of the district, building on the existing Surrey Central Exchange and SkyTrain station with the addition of light rail transit(LRT). The suburban style bus loop will be reconfigured into a new on-street transit exchange, as the bus layover and ice arenas are relocated away from the central core.
      • The presence of significant new university buildings will expand in the Central Downtown, creating a stronger campus identity and student energy at street level. Research buildings with large floor plates will have active retail street frontages and transparent storefronts to engage the pedestrian with the innovative internal uses.
    • Central City Mall Redevelopment:
      • Over the longer term, the Central City Mall property will redevelop to create a site that has improved interface and connection to Holland Park as well as a broader range of mixed of uses. The retail uses in the parking lot areas along King George Boulevard will intensify and include office and residential components.
      • The interface along Holland Park will also be improved with redevelopment of the parkade structures into high density residential buildings and a redesign that creates direct connection through the mall site to Holland Park.

Greenways and Parks Network



  • The downtown will be known for its green urban infrastructure of parks, plazas, greenways, planted boulevards, and rain gardens, as well as for its existing natural features that include fish bearing creeks, riparian areas, and spectacular views to the North Shore and North Cascade Mountains.




  • Rapid transit is a cornerstone of the City Centre, both for existing conditions as well as future planning. The existing elevated rapid train system (SkyTrain) links the City Centre with the region north of the Fraser River. A new Light Rail Train (LRT) network is planned to expand the rapid transit service. This network consists of two lines: the ‘L-line’, and the ‘Fraser Highway Line’, which is 17 kilometres long.
  • The vision for City Centre’s street network is for a finer-grained, connected framework that facilitates mobility and enhances the safety for all citizens, creating a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented downtown.
  • City Parkway will become a car-free zone from 102A Avenue to Central Avenue (103 Ave) and include an LRT station next to Surrey Central SkyTrain Station. The station area is planned as a signature LRT station with the termination of the Fraser Highway line, and intersection of the L-line along City Parkway.

Public Plazas


  • There are three large public plazas in City Centre. The largest is the Civic Plaza, designed as contemporary open space which offers programmable open space for gatherings and large special events. The Civic Plaza will provide a central corridor that connects the institutions of the civic precinct.


  •  The redevelopment of the Recreation Centre and the relocation of the North Surrey Arena’s will enable the extension of the Civic Plaza to the south, ultimately linking with the Central City Plaza to create one of Metro Vancouver’s largest urban plaza systems.


  • Whalley’s Corner Plaza at 108 Avenue and King George Boulevard will provide a contemporary link to the Whalley’s history, with opportunities for public art and interpretation.

 King George Boulevard


  • King George Boulevard, between 102 Avenue and 104 Avenue, will emerge as a true “ Boulevard” , with the low intensity commercial and parking lot uses redeveloping into a street-facing downtown shopping area.
  • As part of humanizing King George Boulevard, a significant public art installation will be located in the centre of King George Boulevard median, in the residual road right-of-way area created by the narrowing of the street as the LRT turns onto 102 Avenue. As well, segregated cycle tracks will be introduced along King George Boulevard.

Public Art


  • A public art walking loop linking key public art installations. Along the walk will be new art installations, building façade improvements, artistic street furniture, and banners. Corner plazas, seating areas and architectural featuring, will be realized along the art walk through the development of private property.
  • An iconic public art installation is envisioned as part of a cultural catalyst project within the City Centre Plaza. An art installation at a world-class scale, located within the core of City Centre, will inspire residents and visitors, energize an important public space and stimulate social interaction and discussion.
  • The proposed LRT system should incorporate public art features that promote unique community identities.

While there is too much information in the document to fully cover here, overall, this visionary new plan can be seen as at the forefront of contemporary urban design and planning. As it guides growth over the next few decades, Surrey City Centre is likely to become a world-leading example of how to transform a former suburban centre into a high-quality, mixed-use, mixed-density, environmentally sustaining, culturally rich, and desirable urban centre.

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Concord Pacific’s final ‘Park Place’ tower heading to Council Jan 16

Concord Pacific’s final tower as part of their ‘Park Place’ development is heading to Surrey Council on Monday for Development Permit and Development Variance Permit. While the 42-storey tower is on the same site as the 3 original ‘Park Place’ towers, it’s been known since late last year that it will be marketed as a separate project ‘Park Boulevard‘ instead.

The tower will finally complete the block to the adjacent north of King George Station, adding a row of townhomes along Whalley Blvd across from Quibble Creek Park, and provide new public plaza space connecting to the existing Park Place plaza, retail, and transit station. In total the project will add 419 new residential units to the area. While similar in design to the original 3 towers, it will be differentiated through the use of contrasting charcoal and white coloured materials, and slightly different massing. Its height at 42 storeys will also help to punctuate the “table top” skyline in the vicinity.

With the DP and DVP moving forward, and the tower already under marketing it’s possible that the project could see start of construction by the end of the year or early 2018.









Prado Cafe coming to 3 Civic Plaza

Vancouver’s Prado Cafe is coming to 3 Civic Plaza this fall. Revealed today in a video produced by Surrey604 on the under-construction tower, the trendy coffee house/bakery is set to open their first location outside of Vancouver in a brand new space fronting Surrey’s new Civic Plaza. Prado Cafe is a well-rated, local chain serving freshly baked-in-store goods, 49th Parallel coffee, and lunch / brunch style food options. The chain’s other locations include Gastown, Commercial Drive, and Fraser Street in East Vancouver.

Prado Cafe will be a much welcomed addition to the Surrey Central area, and is a sure sign of the revitalization underway in the neighbourhood. It will offer locals and visitors a new independent option for fresh quality food and coffee.





Surrey City Centre in 2017

With 2017 now here, UrbanSurrey is taking a look at the year ahead and what to expect in City Centre over the next 12 months. Looking back at the past year, 2016 was a year of transition in Surrey City Centre, with a number of new construction projects started, a few continued from the previous year, and a number of new projects announced. In all, 2016 saw the highest amount of construction activity in City Centre’s history. By December, there were a total of 8 construction cranes on the Surrey skyline, a number unprecedented in any year past. In 2016, Surrey’s long planned for City Centre finally showed signs of coming to fruition, hitting a critical mass that will likely continue to unfold as the city continues to add new residents at a rapid pace.

Completion in 2017:

3 Civic Plaza | 52 Storeys | Hotel, Office, Condo, University, Retail


The long-awaited completion of 3 Civic Plaza will undoubtedly have the biggest impact on Surrey City Centre in 2017. The mixed-use building will breathe life and energy into the city’s Civic Plaza which up until now, has felt incomplete and lacked much activity. In all, the building will bring:

  • Surrey City Centre’s first hotel – 144-room Marriot Autograph Collection
  • KPU’s Professional Development Campus
  • 20,300 SF of new Office Space
  • 349 Condomimum Units
  • Fitness Club
  • Ground-Level Retail and Restaurants

Park Avenue West | 41 Storeys | Condoxz9y9h4

The 2nd tower of Concord Pacific’s Park Avenue development will see completion in 2017, following the opening of Park Avenue East in late 2016. This development will add people and activity to the growing high-density neighbourhood surrounding King George Station.

City Centre 2 | 12 Storeys | Office, Retail6ovtoho

The 2nd tower by Lark Group next to Surrey Memorial Hospital is expected to be completed by late 2017. Following City Centre 1, it will add 180,000 SF of office space, along with ground-level retail to the growing Innovation Boulevard district.

Gateway Place | 5 Storeys | Office, Retailkasnk9b

Bosa’s Gateway Place will bring much welcomed infill to the Gateway area when complete later this year. In addition to adding 56,000 SF of office space to the area, the development will also bring ground-level retail which will help to increase pedestrian traffic and improve the urban streetscape. Confirmed retail tenants already include a Nesters Market Grocery Store, Shoppers Drug Mart, and a TD Bank.

Continued construction in 2017:

Evolve | 36 Storeys | Condo, Office, Retaily8goium

After getting off to a slow start in 2016, WestStone Group’s Evolve will finally start to rise above ground in 2017. As it rises, the tower will soon become a new landmark within the West Village neighbourhood, and contribute to the on-going transformation of the area. When complete in 2018, in addition to condos, Evolve will bring ground level retail as well as offices within a 3 storey building connected to the base of the tower. Its completion in 2018 will also bring the opening of a new portion of 103 Avenue.

Prime on the Plaza | 37 Storeys | Condo, Retail


Macdonald / Reliance’s Prime on the Plaza will be one to watch in 2017 as the tower begins to rise above ground by late spring. As it rises, the tower will become a new landmark in Surrey City Centre, and help to fill in the city’s central core. When complete in 2018, the tower will bring condos, street-level townhouses, and retail along University Dr, along with the opening of a new portion of 103 Ave, and a new north-south ‘Urban Green Lane’.

SFU Sustainable Energy & Engineering Building | 5 Storeys9dpcxtz

The much-anticipated and highly publicized SFU Sustainable Energy & Engineering Building will begin to transform the streetscape along University Dr in 2017. Designed by the late Bing Thom / Bing Thom Architects, the building is the first phase of multi-phase SFU expansion within Surrey City Centre. The building is located directly adjacent to the Prime on the Plaza development, which it will combine with to create a continuous new street wall along University Drive.

New projects in 2017:

Surrey Central Station Expansion and Upgrade6ebo7ht

As part of TransLink’s ongoing SkyTrain Station Upgrades project, Surrey Central Station will be the next to undergo upgrades and expansion beginning  in 2017. As part of the upgrades, a new North Station House will be constructed where the station meets Civic Plaza, better connecting SkyTrain riders to City Hall, 3 Civic Plaza, a re-configured on-street bus exchange, fronting a new 103 Avenue. The new station house will also introduce new retail units fronting 103 Avenue across from Civic Plaza. While under construction in 2017, a public art mural is set to be unveiled and installed over the station’s construction hoarding.

Innovation Village | 12 Storeys + 6 Storeys


WestStone Group’s controversial ‘Innovation Village’ project could finally break ground in 2017, after receiving preliminary approval (3rd Reading) by Surrey City Council in late 2016. The project which will replace a current mobile park is being developed as a mixed-use care facility, and will bring assisted seniors living and medical offices to the growing ‘Innovation Boulevard’ District surrounding Surrey Memorial Hospital.

West Village Park / District Energy Centre 


The much anticipated West Village Park is set to begin construction in Spring 2017 and be complete by Fall. The West Village Park will be a new urban park in the West Village neighbourhood at the corner of 133 St and future 103 Ave. The park will add green space to this quickly densifying area. The park will feature an innovative District Energy Centre which will supply surrounding high-density buildings with heat and hot water.

The Hub @ King George Station (Phase 2)


PCI Group’s The HUB @ King George Station has been on hold for over a year now ever since the completion of its Phase 1 Coast Capital Savings Headquarters building in late 2015. While there have been no updates on Phase 2 in a while, its likely that this next phase could finally get underway in 2017. Phase 2 is set to include more office space, condos, retail, and Surrey City Centre’s first movie theatre.

Other notable new construction in 2017:

Projects expected to move forward in approvals process in 2017:

In addition to this compilation of projects to watch in 2017, there remain many others under application not mentioned here that could also see movement in the upcoming year.  In all, it will be an interesting year to watch in Surrey City Centre as some major projects wrap up, new ones get underway, others progress further through the approvals process, and some new surprises are announced.

6-Storey ‘La Voda Living’ Condos coming to 132 St & King George Blvd

A new 6-storey low-rise condominium project being marketed as ‘La Voda Living’ is set to transform the corner of 132 St and King George Blvd in 2017. Set to enter into sales later this month, and begin construction later this year, the project will bring much welcomed infill to a long-standing vacant lot that is highly visible from the SkyTrain as one enters Surrey City Centre.

The building, designed by Surrey-based Barnett Dembek Architects, will help to create a more urban streetscape and add density to the area. It will also feature rooftop amenity space for residents, which may be visible from the SkyTrain, and provide exceptional views of the North Shore mountains and Fraser River.



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