Surrey Central Station Upgrades to begin next month

Rendering of the new North Station House interior concourse at Surrey Central Station.

A press conference was held Friday to announce that the long awaited upgrades to Surrey Central Station will begin next month. The project itself has been known about and in the planning stages for quite sometime now, with construction originally supposed to have begun back in fall 2016. With this delay, it appears the upgrades will now not be complete until towards the end of 2018. The station upgrade is a part of TransLink’s station upgrade program, which has seen upgrades at Scott Rd, Main Street, and New Westminster Stations, as well as the ongoing work on Metrotown, Commercial-Broadway, and Joyce-Collingwood Stations.

In all, 3 levels of government and TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond joined on Friday to announce $25 million in funding for the station, which will see a new north station house built at the corner of 103 Avenue and City Parkway. The new station house will bring a new elevator, new escalators, a new staircase, better lighting, and a spacious new interior concourse area to the north end of the station, better connecting to Civic Plaza and the future 103 Avenue on-street bus exchange. The new station house will also help to fill in a gap along City Parkway with new building frontage where a small parking lot currently exists, improving continuity along the streetscape.

With an estimated nearly 30,000 commuters passing through Surrey Central Station daily, it is already one of the busiest stations on the SkyTrain network, and projected to become even busier with continued rapid population growth South of the Fraser, the densifying Surrey Central neighbourhood around it, and with the future LRT line planned to connect directly with the station in the next 5 years. Already, the north fire exit of the station is being frequently used as an informal exit by many commuters, indicating demand for access at this end of the station, with new bus bays having been located to the north in recent years. The new upgrades will greatly improve access to the station and better integrate it with the surrounding community.

Rendering of the new North Station House fronting City Parkway at 103 Avenue

2pubgrzPlan view of the new North Station House at City Parkway and 103 Avenue

Elevation schematic showing the integration of the new station house into the existing station

View from 103 Avenue looking east

View from City Parkway looking south

New City Parkway entrance

ictdiy8View looking north along City Parkway

For more on the project:

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