Tien Sher submits application for new 5-Storey residential development


A new development application has been submitted by Tien Sher Group for a 5-storey 122 unit condo building at 13660 Grosvenor Rd on the corner of Whalley Blvd. This application adds to Tien Sher’s growing presence in the neighbourhood, having already developed the 4-6 storey Quattro development at 108th & Whalley Blvd, the 4-storey Balance development on Grosvenor Rd, and the 5-storey, under-construction Venue development on 108th Avenue. Tien Sher also has under application their landmark 41, 35, 30, and 28-storey mixed-use development on the south-east corner of 108th & King George Blvd, which is expected to proceed in phases over the next decade.

At this time, there are no further details on the latest 5-storey development, but it appears based on the application that the building is being proposed as entirely residential with no retail component. Tien Sher’s previous Quattro development a block away provides a precedent as to the built form this project is likely to take. Given the project’s location, it is possible that the City will request that ground-level retail be included along Whalley Blvd similar to Quattro. It would make sense in this location, given the site’s proximity to 108th and King George, and existing commercial land-use directly across the street.

As proposed, this project will continue the 5-6 storey street wall established along Whalley Blvd by Quattro to the south, and add to the densification of the area in the vicinity of Gateway Station. The site is designated low-mid rise 2.5 FAR under the City Centre Plan.

Site of proposed 5-Storey development at Grosvenor Rd & Whalley Blvd

Tien Sher’s Quatto Development at 108th & Whalley Blvd

Overview of Tien Sher development projects in the vicinity

Tien Sher’s proposed 41, 35, 30 & 28-Storey mixed-use development currently under application at 108th & King George.

Subject Site in relation to other Tien Sher projects in area.

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