44-Storey ‘West Village 5’ to provide all rental housing – Completion by 2020


WestStone Group’s ‘West Village 5’ is heading to Council on Monday, just 3 months after an initial application was submitted for the project back in January. In a Planning Report released on Friday, it was revealed that all residential units in the 44-storey building are to be rental housing, signifying a resurgence towards purpose-built rental housing amongst developers. In all the project is to consist of:

  • 11 Townhouse units
  • 539 Apartment units ranging from studios to 3-bedrooms
  • 14,676 sq.ft. of commercial space consisting of ground-level retail with 2 floors of office above.

It is expected that the commercial/retail component of the project will anchor the new intersection of 133A St and Central Ave (103 Ave), adding to the retail/commercial along Central Ave currently under construction at Evolve. Central Ave will eventually connect directly through to Civic Plaza, Surrey Central station, and beyond, forming a new commercial/residential ‘High Street’ through Surrey City Centre.

It was also indicated in the planning report that the project is set to proceed on an expedited schedule, with completion and occupancy intended by Fall 2020. This would mean the project would need to begin construction later this year.

Revised Master Plan for West Village. Evolve currently under construction on Parcel 4 and subject proposal shown on Parcel 5.

Site plan showing currently under construction Evolve and subject proposal.

Elevation renderings of the project in relation to surrounding proposed and existing towers.

View of the rapidly growing West Village neighbourhood. Subject site located directly in front of the existing 36-storey Ultra Tower.

For more details:


2 thoughts on “44-Storey ‘West Village 5’ to provide all rental housing – Completion by 2020

  1. Would these rental housing be city owned or private owned? How does it work? Is the screening process of the applicants very strict to avoid turning the area into a mess?


    1. Privately owned / operated. Large number of condos in area and throughout region already rented out. Rental units dont = undesirable tenants.


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