5-Storey Seniors Living + Childcare Centre seeks preliminary approval


A proposed Independent Seniors Living Facility & Child Care Centre received 1st & 2nd readings before Surrey Council Monday night for a new 5-storey building to be built at 132 St at 109 Ave. The building, which will provide homes exclusively for seniors 55+, will help establish a new urban streetscape along 132 St, that is in line with the new City Centre plan for that area. The western edge of City Centre along 132 St is envisioned to eventually be a continuous urban streetscape of 4-6 storey buildings, with this building being one of the first. Earlier this year, the 6-storey La Voda Condos project received preliminary approval just north of this project at 132 St and King George Blvd.

In total, the project will create a total of 117 new seniors living units in City Centre along with a 1,700 sq.ft. child care centre. In addition to the building itself, the project will also dedicate and build a new section of 109 Avenue to the south, and a new urban green lane to the east. These roads are required as part of the City Centre Plan.

Elevation drawings of proposed development

Plan view of proposed development

Proposed new 109 Ave & Urban Green lane

Subject Application (17-0103) in the north-west area of the City Centre Plan
It is expected that the project could begin construction by 2018. For more:

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