3 Civic Plaza Signage Package details released

The proposed signage package for 3 Civic Plaza will appear before Council on Monday for approval. The current package is an update to a previous signage package put together back in 2014. The new package presents a more refined and unified look to the signage across the building, which will include signage for:

  • Civic Hotel
  • KPU
  • Prado Cafe
  • Dominion Bar & Kitchen
  • Various Retail Units
  • Various wayfinding signs around the perimeter of building

Already ahead of the Signage Development Permit approval, the main Civic Hotel logo appeared this week at the top of the 52-storey tower on the north side. A similar logo is also set to be installed on the tower’s south side.

Civic Hotel Logo installation underway on October 17
Civic Hotel Logo installation on top of the 52-Storey tower
North side hotel logo fully installed on October 19


Proposed Signage Package

Rendering of Civic Hotel signage on podium


Signage Package fronting Civic Plaza


Signage Package on North and South sides of building


Signage Package for retail frontage along City Parkway


Civic Hotel signage fronting Plaza detail


Civic Hotel signage on South side of podium detail


KPU Signage detail on north side of podium facing Plaza


Wayfinding signage detail


Wayfinding signage detail


Retail unit signage detail along City Parkway


Retail unit ‘Arrival’ signage detail featuring signature guitar pic and diamond perforated pattern

For more details on the signage package:


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