‘Central City 2’ mixed-use AAA office tower announced at Invest Surrey keynote event


Invest Surrey held an inaugural launchpad event today at Surrey City Hall hosted by Mayor Linda Hepner, featuring a number of speakers and panelists, discussing the future of Surrey and investment opportunities in the rapidly growing and changing city. The event was structured around a number of topics throughout the course of the day on the keynote theme ‘Transformation 2.0’ covering:

  • Entertainment & Lifestyle
  • Digital Information & Communication Technology
  • Research & Development/Innovation
  • Industrial, Transportation, & Logistics
  • Housing Diversity

‘Central City 2’ Announced

At the event, a few major announcements were made, including an announcement by Blackwood Partners, owners of the Central City office, shopping centre, and university complex, that they will be moving forward with a successor tower named ‘Central City 2’.


While few details have been released so far, what is known is that the tower is proposed as a AAA mixed-use office tower at the corner of King George Blvd & Old Yale Rd on the site of what is currently a former Best Buy. The tower is situated directly across from Holland Park as well as King George Skytrain Station to the south. A rendering released at the event shows a oval shaped tower similar to the original Central City tower, fit within a more rectangular outer shell. There is also a large curved podium and generous plaza space meeting the intersection and extending underneath the podium

According to the City Centre Plan, the tower will occupy an entire new block, with a new lane proposed to the north of the building. This proposal sets the stage for the redevelopment of the remaining parking lot along King George Blvd into similar sized blocks, perhaps with a ‘Central City 3’ tower to follow at 102 & King George Blvd in the future.

‘Central City 2’ site within City Centre Plan

It’s unclear at this time who Blackwood Partners is working with as an Architect, or partnering developer, or how soon this proposal could get moving. As of now, no application has yet to appear on Surrey’s COSMOS mapping information system. The project also has yet to appear before Surrey’s Advisory Design Panel (ADP), meaning the design pictured in the rendering could still undergo revision.

Upon submission of an application, it could likely take up to 2 years before we see construction begin, and another 2-3 years to build. The project could perhaps move faster if fast tracked under Surrey’s Nexus program, but likely completion won’t be until the early 2020’s.

New Art Gallery Announced

In addition to the ‘Central City 2’ office tower announcement, it was also announced that the Surrey Art Gallery will be relocating to Surrey City Centre as a new ‘Interactive Art Museum’ slated to become the largest of its kind in Canada.


More details on both the ‘Central City 2’ tower and new Interactive Art Gallery as they come.

For more on Invest Surrey’s event today:


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