Phase 1 of Anthem’s ‘Georgetown’ heads to Council

Rendering of Georgetown phase 1 and future phases

The first phase of Anthem Properties ‘Georgetown’ development at Whalley Blvd & 102 Ave is heading to Council on Monday for 1st & 2nd readings. The application is seeking Rezoning and Development Permit to allow for a single 30-storey residential tower above a 2-storey podium containing retail and townhouses. The tower will replace an existing A&W restaurant on that corner, and is the first of 7 towers to come as part of a master plan to redevelop the entire site which also contains a Save-On-Foods and Canadian Tire. In total, phase 1 will include 351 residential units, including 9 two-storey townhouses, above 15,435 sq.ft. of ground floor commercial space.

Architectural Design

The Chris Dikeakos Architects designed tower is shaped by its rounded/curved floor plate reflecting the curved nature of Whalley Blvd. Materials will include a glass curtain wall and high quality white metal panels on the podium, glass balconies wrapping the tower, and interspersed spandrel and white painted concrete. A graphic art illustration is contemplated for the glass at the street level. The rooftop mechanical enclosure will be screened by frosted glass, reflecting the rounded geometry of the tower, and be backlit – creating a lighting feature for the crown of the tower.

View from Whalley Blvd looking south-west
View from future 102A Ave through site at corner of new Green Lane showing retail podium with townhouses above.
View from corner of Whalley Blvd and future 102A Ave through site of retail podium with townhouses above.

Outdoor Amenity Space

A highlight of Phase 1 is the proposed outdoor amenity space to be located on the podium roof. Measuring 22,675 sq. ft., the outdoor amenity to be provided is double the minimum requirement under the sites zoning, and will feature: a sun deck, outdoor fitness and activity space, an outdoor theatre with covered seating area, a great lawn with outdoor lounge area, an outdoor dining room, a dog play area, and a walking/running circuit.

Phase 1 site plan showing expansive outdoor amenity space above the buildings podium

Road Dedications

In addition to the tower and retail podium, phase 1 will also dedicate and construct a new section of 102A Ave through the site, as well as a new north-south green lane to the west of the building. Additional road dedications will be taken along Whalley Blvd and 102 Ave for the widening of each of those streets to a full municipal collector road standard. New grade separated bike lanes will also be created along 102 Ave, Whalley Blvd, and 102A Ave.

Georgetown Master Plan

The ultimate master plan for Georgetown is to subdivide the entire property into 7 lots to allow for a mixed-use, multiple residential and commercial community to be completed over 7 phases. Designed by Vancouver-based CIVITAS Urban Design & Planning, Georgetown will consist of multiple buildings ranging from 6 to 45-storeys, with ground floor commercial space, and a significant public plaza located centrally within the site:

Phase 1: a 30-storey residential high-rise with ground floor commercial
Phase 2: a 32-storey and a 31-storey residential high-rise with ground floor commercial
Phase 3: a 6-storey residential building with ground floor commercial space centred on a large public plaza
Phase 4: a 41-storey residential high-rise
Phase 5: a 39-storey residential high-rise with office space
Phase 6: a 45-storey residential high-rise with office space
Phase 7: a 15-storey mid-rise residential building with ground floor commercial space.

Georgetown Phasing Plan
Master Plan for Georgetown Site

While no timeline is given for the ultimate build-out of the plan, Phase 1 on the south-west corner of the site is expected to begin construction in 2019. This will allow for the existing Save-on-Foods and Canadian Tire to remain in operation on the northern portion of the site in the interim until future phases are developed.

Ground level site plan for Phase 1 showing retail / restaurant units
Level 2 site plan for Phase 1 showing rooftop outdoor amenity, townhouses, and tower




For more on Georgetown:

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