6-storey residential project near Surrey Memorial heads to Council


A 6-storey residential building proposed at the southern tip of City Centre near Surrey Memorial Hospital went to Council Monday night for 1st & 2nd readings. Located directly across from Queen Elizabeth Secondary School at 135 St & 94A Ave, the building will replace 3 existing single family homes built in the 1950’s. The area is envisioned to transform into a dense medical, health, and technology district surrounding Surrey Memorial Hospital, with similar 4-6 storey housing to eventually replace the remaining single family pocket west of King George Blvd and south of 96th Ave.

The building itself features a two-storey townhouse base with 4 floors of condos above for a total of 50 apartment units and 10 townhouse units. A reduced setback along both 135 St and 94A Ave achieves a more urban, pedestrian-oriented streetscape, consistent with the goals of the City Centre Plan. A new green lane will also be dedicated and constructed to the north of the building as per the City Centre Plan, helping to break up the block and achieve a finer-grained street network.

As per the Planning Report, completion and occupancy is targeted for June 2020.

Birds-eye rendering of proposed building
Subject site within City Centre Plan

For more on the project:


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