SkyTrain to Fleetwood: Cut-short and short-sighted


With yesterday’s Mayors Council vote in favour of finalizing the business case for the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain project, it is now certain that SkyTrain will be extended along Fraser Highway, but only as far as Fleetwood within the foreseeable future. As expected, the 1.65 billion in funding currently secured for rapid transit in Surrey will only allow for a 7km / 4 station extension of the Expo Line from King George Station to 166 Street, not to be in service until the end of 2025. With no funding secured, and no timeline in place for a phase 2 extension to Langley, it’s unlikely that SkyTrain will reach Langley before the 2030’s.

Given the decision to go ahead with SkyTrain on Fraser Highway, Surrey’s most urban corridors of 104 Ave and King George Blvd serving the 2 largest Town Centres of Guildford and Newton will likely now see no rapid transit for the next decade, due to the limited 3.55 billion funding envelope (with 1.9 billion yet to be secured) for rapid transit South of the Fraser. This funding envelope would have provided Surrey 27km of LRT across the city, including both the Guildford-City Centre-Newton ‘L’ line, and Fraser Hwy line to Langley. With SkyTrain, Surrey will just receive a single 16.5km line down Fraser Highway instead, along a corridor much more suburban in form, and with much less opportunity for land assembly to higher densities to support a SkyTrain line.



While rapid transit to Langley is definitely a good thing, the reality of the line not likely reaching Langley until the 2030’s, while rapid transit elsewhere in Surrey is stalled, is very unfortunate when Surrey could have had a full 19-Stop (27km) LRT system across the City inclusive of Langley within the same timeframe as an 8-Stop (16.5km) SkyTrain line. LRT additionally would have transformed, urbanized, and distinguished Surrey in ways that SkyTrain will not. LRT and trams are common fixtures and symbols of inner urban cores in major cities around the world, of which Metro Vancouver currently lacks. Cities such as Berlin, with robust multi-tiered rail transit networks, are embarking on major expansions of their LRT networks, on top of their existing metro rail networks. LRT would have urbanized and distinguished Surrey as a city on its own, as an inner core of the region. With SkyTrain, Surrey remains similar to Burnaby, a by-pass suburb along the line to Vancouver. This is not to mention, the negative effects of SkyTrain on the streetscape – obtrusive overhead guideways that cast shadows, are noisy, unsightly, and ultimately very suburban in nature, compared to urbanized street-integrated LRT which can transform a city and its streetscapes.

Eventual 8-Stop (16.5km) SkyTrain to Langley by 2030’s
Cancelled 19-Stop (27km) LRT network that would have been completed within same time frame as SkyTrain

It’s hard to imagine rationalizing a 4-station SkyTrain extension to suburban Fleetwood over an 11-station LRT line servicing Surrey’s most urban corridors and largest Town Centres, but here we are. Ultimately once the line does reach Langley in the 2030’s it will help to move people through the region, benefit Surrey’s City Centre (although with less new stations), and those living near the line, but at the expense of what could have been a much more extensive rapid transit system, more urbanizing, distinguishing, and transformative for Surrey.

8 thoughts on “SkyTrain to Fleetwood: Cut-short and short-sighted

  1. Population of Berlin is 3.75 M and 6 M for metro.
    Also as you mentioned Berlin already has a developed rail road system. I just do not see a lot of sense to compare us to any European city especially to Berlin as we are not there yet population vise and technology vise. The cost of building LRT in Europe is cheaper then here. I think it will all come to us eventually but everything takes time and not always in an order we wish it would be done

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  2. Moving people in Surrey should be the for front of All conversation. LRT would have been fantastic for Surrey NOT skytrain.
    With 7 km of track how do you think this is going to get paid for???
    I’ve been to Berlin and other major cities and LRT could have transformed our city.
    What is our Mayor thinking.

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  3. what the city is doing is bull sh-t that’s what they are doing, mega money spent for just 7 km of track.This is insane , they should go back to the table and re think the whole process!


  4. Sky Trian to Fleetwood …./… Langley…what a loss for Surrey.
    We Had ! , 1.6 Billion in funding secured to move the people within Surrey, and our Mayor wants to give all that away to help move people from Langley to Vancouver.
    It is hard to understand or believe that the Mayor for the City of Surrey would not want to keep this funding for our own community…
    If the Mayor wanted to help Surrey, he would move forward with the original LRT plan, Guilford to Newton and then Phase 2…. extending the LRT down KG all the way to South Surrey.
    Move your own people Mayor, within your own community, let Langley deal with the Skytrain extension.
    Or, maybe the Mayor plans to move to Langley when he final retires..


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