Excavation begins for Surrey’s 2nd tallest tower – One Central


Earlier this month, excavation began for what is to become Surrey’s 2nd tallest tower – One Central in West Village. The 44-Storey, 134m (438 ft.) tower by China-based developer Aoyuan will rise at the corner of 133A St and Central Ave, adding to the growing cluster of towers in the densely populated West Village neighbourhood.

Once complete, the tower will contain 550 units, including 11 ground-oriented townhouses at its base, and 4,596 sq. ft. of ground-level retail space. The building will also include 11,501 sq. ft. of indoor amenity space throughout the building on levels 1, 3, 14, 34, and 44 – signified by horizontal architectural breaks in the tower, and 10,247 sq. ft. of outdoor amenity space, including an expansive rooftop deck. 

With excavation now underway, building completion can be expected by late 2022 / early 2023.








Renderings released for 25-storey tower set to replace Knight & Day restaurant


Renderings have emerged courtesy of Adessa Visuals for an upcoming 25-storey project at 9677 King George Blvd. The project, which is set to replace a long-standing Knight & Day restaurant on the site, is currently under application at the City of Surrey, in the initial review stage.

Not many details have been released so far, but it is expected that the 25-storey tower will feature market condos above a mixed-use podium. The project is located just north of 96th Avenue on the west side of King George Blvd, adjacent to the emerging Health & Technology District. The architect and applicant on the project is Chris Dikeakos Architects.

For more on the application:

View of proposed 25-storey tower fronting King George Blvd just north of 96th Ave
Subject site near the south end of City Centre

New proposal submitted for 25-storey tower at 9677 King George

Site of 25-storey tower proposal (highlighted in red)
A new proposal has been submitted by Chris Dikeakos Architects for a 25-storey residential tower with a mixed-use podium at 9677 King George Blvd just north of 96th Avenue. The site is currently home to a Knight & Day Restaurant, next to the Canada Revenue Agency building.

Prior to the current proposal, a rezoning application had been underway since 2009 by a separate applicant for an 18-storey tower consisting of retail, medical offices, a care facility, and condos on the same site. Despite that application receiving 3rd Reading (preliminary approval) back in 2010, the project did not end up proceeding to 4th reading (final adoption).

Previous (now defunct) application for site for an 18-storey tower on the same site by Atelier Pacific Architects.
Under the current application, Chris Dikeakos Architects is applying to rezone the property from C-8 to CD, consolidate 2 lots into 1 lot, and obtain a Development Permit to allow for the construction of a 25-storey residential tower with a mixed-use podium. While no renderings of the new project have yet to be released, the tower will add to the growing number of Chris Dikeaos designed towers underway and in the planning stages for City Centre. Already, Chris Dikeaos Architects is the architect on:

The proposed tower will also add to a number of tower projects set to get underway in the immediate vicinity, including a 30-storey Condo / Hampton Hotel just to the north at 98th Ave and King George; Phase B of King George Hub, Innovation Village, and Lark Group’s City Centre 2 and 3.

Early Look at WestStone’s next tower in West Village

Further to news in January on the submission of a development application for WestStone Group’s next tower in West Village, more details have now surfaced showing changes to the original plan.

As per a recently released rendering of the project by Adessa Visuals, and application details from the City of Surrey, the project is now proposed as a 46-storey tower above a 14-storey podium. The significant massing of the project is a departure from early plans for the site, which showed a tower above a commercial/retail podium similar to the under construction Evolve next door. Early plans also showed a small plaza/park space on the southern portion of the site, which has now been replaced by the 14-storey podium, covering the entire site.

The scale of the project, designed by Vancouver-based Chris Dikeakos Architects is set to further transform the growing West Village neighbourhood to the west of Surrey Central Station. This latest tower is Phase 5 of an eventual 8 Phase project.




West Village Plan showing previous plan for site on Parcel 5 with the park now replaced by a 14-storey podium.

Development Application submitted for new 46-Storey tower in West Village


A new development application has been submitted to the City of Surrey by Chris Dikeakos Architects Inc. to develop a new 46-storey mixed-use tower at 10297 133A St in the rapidly-changing West Village neighbourhood of Surrey City Centre. Details of the application at this time indicate that 551 residential units are proposed within the tower, along with 4491 sq.ft. of commercial & retail space at ground level. The development would complete the block occupied by the neighbouring 35-storey ‘Ultra’ tower, and the currently under-construction 36-storey ‘Evolve‘ tower, designed by the same Architect.

This latest tower represents ‘Phase 6’ of a master plan for the area being developed by WestStone Group as shown on the map below. It appears that this next phase will be moving forward ahead of ‘Phase 5’ on the map which is shown just to the north. In addition to adding density and new residents to the area, the proposed commercial and retail space will compliment similar space under construction at Evolve to create a new neighbourhood commercial hub for West Village along future 103 Ave (Central Ave).


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