Civic Hotel opens in Surrey City Centre


The Marriott Autograph Collection, Civic Hotel officially opened on Wednesday, becoming the first hotel in Surrey’s new City Centre. While the hotel is now accepting bookings after being delayed for months, much of the building remains under construction. Aside from the condominium and KPU portions of the building which are expected to open later this year, the hotel’s outdoor pool, fitness centre, spa, and rooftop amenity spaces are also yet to open. Dominion Bar + Kitchen did open along with the hotel however, and has already become a hot spot bustling with activity. Prado Cafe while close to completion, is expected to open in the coming weeks.

As for the hotel’s lobby fronting onto Civic Plaza, the high columned ceilings, beautiful detailing, woodwork, art, and lounge spaces create a strong sense of place, flooded with natural light through the podium’s glass curtain wall. The Prado Cafe blends in seamlessly with the lobby, rather than functioning as a stand-alone cafe like their other locations.

Already, only being open a few days, the hotel and restaurant has brought new energy to the area, which will only grow once the rest of the building opens, and bookings begin to fill up for hotel guests and conferences. Bookings for rooms, as well as meetings and other events can be made through the Civic Hotel website More info on Dominion Bar + Kitchen can be found at



Guest business centre in lobby


Prado Cafe still under construction – expected to open in coming weeks




Entrance to Dominion Bar + Kitchen from hotel lobby

Dominion Bar + Kitchen and Civic Hotel nearing completion


The long awaited opening of Civic Hotel may finally be just around the corner. After numerous delays – having originally been set to open back in November – the hotel is finally showing signs that it is nearing completion. This week, fencing came down from in front of the building’s main lobby and Dominion Bar + Kitchen fronting Civic Plaza. In addition, landscaping has been planted next to Dominion’s patio, and a newly opened portion of Central Avenue. Signage for Dominion has also been installed on the awning.

While no official date has been set for opening, according to the Dominion Bar + Kitchen website, the restaurant is tentatively scheduled to host its first event – a comedy show – on April 21, 2018. The Marriott reservations website is now taking bookings for Civic Hotel for dates beginning on March 28, 2018 (although the available booking date has been pushed back in the past).

Despite looking nearing completion, it seems we will still have to wait another month or two before the hotel and restaurant open. Numerous things remain to be finished on the building including a number of additional signs to be installed, the removal of a construction elevator on the condo portion of the building, the completion of Civic Plaza lane on the north side of the building, the construction of Prado Cafe on the north side, and the finishing of numerous retail units along City Parkway. It is clear now that the building will open in phases – with the Hotel and Dominion Bar + Kitchen opening first, retail units along City Parkway likely following later this spring, the Condo tower by summer, and the 5-storey KPU campus this fall.

According to sources working on the project – one reason for the delayed opening of the building has been a water leak, affecting the elevator shaft of the main tower. This has delayed the removal of the exterior construction elevator for several months, as well as the exterior finishing of the north side of the tower, where the future Prado Cafe, and an exterior green wall will be. Rumours on the forum SkyscraperPage this week indicated that the construction elevator may finally be coming down by next week, which would hopefully help wrap up the exterior of the building prior to the hotel’s opening in less than 2 months. Regardless, it seems the building will remain an active construction site (at least on the inside) on the main tower and KPU portion, while the hotel and restaurant open on the other.

Dominion Bar + Kitchen nearing completion fronting Civic Plaza
Landscaping along Central Avenue next to the Dominion Bar + Kitchen Patio
Staircase and entry to Dominion Bar + Kitchen Patio
New sidewalk along Central Avenue next to Dominion Bar + Kitchen Patio
Dominion Bar + Kitchen + Civic Hotel Entrance along Civic Plaza Lane
Daytime shot of Dominion Bar + Kitchen – additional signage for Civic Hotel still to be installed on podium
Dominion Bar + Kitchen featuring numerous doors/windows which will open to the Plaza
Civic Hotel Lobby
Civic Hotel Lobby
Civic Plaza Lane in front of Hotel Lobby

PHOTO SERIES: Civic Plaza Festive Lights

The official lighting of Surrey’s Christmas Tree was held back on November 19th as part of the city’s 6th annual Tree Lighting Festival. Since then, the 55 foot tree along with other festive lighting has lit up the plaza, in what is one of the best Christmas Tree displays to be found anywhere, and arguably the best in the Metro Vancouver area. The tree itself is billed as BC’s tallest Christmas Tree, and is a must see for anyone that hasn’t yet in person.