Photo Update: Evolve (West Village Phase 4)

WestStone Group’s Evolve project has begun to pick up pace at 133 + 103A Ave. The main tower has now reached a height of 8 floors, with pouring set to begin on the 9th floor by the end of the week. The 36-storey condo tower and accompanying 3-storey commercial building is phase 4 of the 8-phase West Village master planned neighbourhood being developed by WestStone Group. Phase 5, which will consist of a 44-storey rental tower above a 13-storey podium just east of Evolve, is expected to break ground later this year or early next. Across 133 St from Evolve work has also just begun on the new West Village Park & District Energy Centre, set to open in 2018.












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Development Application submitted for new 46-Storey tower in West Village


A new development application has been submitted to the City of Surrey by Chris Dikeakos Architects Inc. to develop a new 46-storey mixed-use tower at 10297 133A St in the rapidly-changing West Village neighbourhood of Surrey City Centre. Details of the application at this time indicate that 551 residential units are proposed within the tower, along with 4491 sq.ft. of commercial & retail space at ground level. The development would complete the block occupied by the neighbouring 35-storey ‘Ultra’ tower, and the currently under-construction 36-storey ‘Evolve‘ tower, designed by the same Architect.

This latest tower represents ‘Phase 6’ of a master plan for the area being developed by WestStone Group as shown on the map below. It appears that this next phase will be moving forward ahead of ‘Phase 5’ on the map which is shown just to the north. In addition to adding density and new residents to the area, the proposed commercial and retail space will compliment similar space under construction at Evolve to create a new neighbourhood commercial hub for West Village along future 103 Ave (Central Ave).


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Crane Installation at Evolve

A luffing crane has now been installed at WestStone Group’s 36-storey Evolve Condo project in Surrey City Centre’s emerging West Village neighbourhood. The use of a luffing crane is a rare sight in Metro Vancouver condo construction, as it is typically used in situations where movement of the crane is constrained by other buildings. In this case, the adjacent 36-storey Ultra condo tower to the South of the project would prevent a standard crane from being able to swing a full 360 degrees.

When complete in 2018, Evolve will add not only condos, but also retail and commercial space to the West Village neighbourhood along a newly dedicated 103 Ave, forming the beginning of a new neighbourhood centre. Four additional towers will be added through future phases of WestStone’s master plan for the area, along with retail, commercial space, and new pedestrian and road connections.







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Excavation Progress at Evolve

The never-ending dig at Weststone Group’s Evolve Condominiums site continues on. Now 6 months in, having started in January, it looks as though there are at least a couple more months to go until the pit is finally cleared, and a crane can be installed likely by late summer / early fall.

When complete in 2018, Evolve will become the 2nd tower after Ultra in Weststone’s West Village neighbourhood. It will feature a 37 storey condo tower, with townhomes at its base, as well as a 3 storey office and commercial podium. The development will also open a new section of 103 Ave, and a new pathway, helping to improve road and pedestrian connectivity in the neighbourhood.