Development Application submitted for Mixed-Use Tower near 108 Ave & King George


A development application has been submitted for a mixed-use tower at 10731 King George Blvd just south of 108 Avenue. The subject site is made up of 3 existing lots which currently contain a run-down 2-storey commercial/residential building, and a 1-storey medical clinic.

The subject application is proposing to consolidate the 3 lots into 1, rezone the site from CHI to CD (based on RM-135 and C-15), as well amend the City Centre Plan to permit a 345-unit mixed-use development. The site is currently designated ‘Mixed-Use (3.5 FAR)’ under the City Centre Plan. In addition to redevelopment of the site, the application would also dedicate a portion of future 107A Avenue just to the South. The 2 adjacent properties to the South are currently owned by the City for the purposes of completing this new road connection.

View of Site from King George Blvd
Subject Site within City Centre Plan – Designated Mixed-Use 3.5 FAR

The subject site is located directly across King George Blvd from Tien Sher’s anticipated ‘Whalley District’ development, set to replace the recently closed-down Flamingo Hotel and Bar. Combined, both projects would mark the beginning of renewal and transformation of the area surrounding King George & 108 Avenue, which has become notoriously run-down over the past few decades. This area is designated as a ‘Historic District’ in the City Centre Plan, due to its historical significance as the place of Surrey’s early urban beginnings surrounding the former ‘Whalley’s Corner’ Gas Stop.

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5-Storey condo project at Grosvenor Road & Whalley Blvd heads to Council


A 5-storey condo building proposed for the corner of Grosvenor Road and Whalley Blvd received 1st & 2nd readings at Council Monday night. The project, which was first announced back in April 2017, and is being developed by Tien Sher, will become the developer’s 6th building in the area, after Quattro 1, 2, 3, Balance, and the now under construction Venue. Tien sher’s other major project in the area Whalley District, was recently approved back in June, and should begin construction on its first phase in 2018.

This latest building to be added to Tien Sher’s portfolio in the area will further help to transition the neighbourhood into an up and coming urban district close to Gateway Station. From the planning report to Council, the project is to consist of:

  • 125 Units consisting of 1-bedroom/flex, 2-bedroom/flex, and 3-bedroom apartments

Ground-oriented units are proposed to be oriented toward the street with their own front door, entry gates, and semi-private outdoor space, which will help to urbanize the streetscape that the building fronts. The project is expected to be completed by late 2019.




Project site within City Centre Plan

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‘Whalley District’ aims to revitalize gateway to City Centre

Developer Tien Sher Group held a packed Town Hall meeting today to present their vision and plans for a revitalized Whalley. Dubbed ‘Whalley District’, the plan is for a development consisting of 3 high-rise condo towers and 1 low-rise condo building over a mix of commercial, retail, community, and plaza space on the south-east corner of 108 Ave and King George Blvd in the historic heart of Whalley. Tien Sher has already developed the neighbouring ‘Quatto’ project at Whalley Blvd and 108 Ave, along with ‘Balance’ on Grosvenor Rd, and the currently under construction ‘Venue’. 

While news of the development is not new, having been under application since 2015, what is new is their now announced plans to partner with a local arts group to bring a significant arts component to the project as a means to revitalize and bring culture to the Whalley area. It is expected that community space will be provided in the development for the non-profit arts group and their programming.


At the meeting, Tien Sher presented their plans for the introduction of a pedestrian-only street through the centre of the development dubbed the ‘Flamingo Block’ on what would be future 136A St. The Flamingo name comes from the long-standing Flamingo Hotel which has been on the site since the 1950’s, but will be torn down to make way for the development. At present, the City of Surrey wishes to see this as a future road open to traffic, however Tien Sher is leading a petition to build it as a pedestrian-only street where public art, cultural programming, and gathering could take place. This would compliment an additional proposed plaza/park on the corner of 108 & King George, also to be build as part of the development.

The project, which is expected to appear before council for preliminary approvals and public hearing before summer, is to be built in phases beginning with a 6-storey condo building with retail below along Whalley Blvd at the east end of the site. This will then be followed by phases 2-4 consisting of a 35-storey, 37-storey, and lastly a 46-storey condo tower(s) above commercial, retail, and arts/community space. It is expected that the first phase of the project will break ground by Spring 2018.

In the meantime, the arts group is looking to engage arts initiatives around the City Centre right away, and is seeking anyone who would like to become involved. Ideas for arts initiatives that can be introduced in the City Centre are wide ranging, from murals, public art, beatification projects, community groups, activities, and more.








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