Concord Pacific’s final ‘Park Place’ tower heading to Council Jan 16

Concord Pacific’s final tower as part of their ‘Park Place’ development is heading to Surrey Council on Monday for Development Permit and Development Variance Permit. While the 42-storey tower is on the same site as the 3 original ‘Park Place’ towers, it’s been known since late last year that it will be marketed as a separate project ‘Park Boulevard‘ instead.

The tower will finally complete the block to the adjacent north of King George Station, adding a row of townhomes along Whalley Blvd across from Quibble Creek Park, and provide new public plaza space connecting to the existing Park Place plaza, retail, and transit station. In total the project will add 419 new residential units to the area. While similar in design to the original 3 towers, it will be differentiated through the use of contrasting charcoal and white coloured materials, and slightly different massing. Its height at 42 storeys will also help to punctuate the “table top” skyline in the vicinity.

With the DP and DVP moving forward, and the tower already under marketing it’s possible that the project could see start of construction by the end of the year or early 2018.









PHOTO UPDATE: Park Avenue by Concord Pacific

Concord Pacific’s Park Avenue is beginning to transform the look and feel of 100 Avenue. The East tower is now topped out with the West tower catching up. A row of townhomes that line 100 Ave between the 2 towers are beginning to form a nice streetscape with the mature tree canopy already in place. A new parking meter has also recently been installed indicating that there will be on-street parking which should help to buffer traffic from the sidewalk to create a better pedestrian environment.

Park Avenue is expected to be completed later this year / early 2017. The development features numerous amenities including rooftop lounges, tennis courts, a pool, spa, fitness centre, and golf.







PHOTO SERIES: The HUB at King George Station

The recently completed Phase 1 of PCI Group’s The HUB at King George Station. Designed by MCM Partnership Architects, this striking building brings new energy to the area south of King George Station, and is home to Coast Capital Savings new Headquarters.

For more on The HUB:




Photos by UrbanSurrey – June 7, 2016