Second Phase of ‘Wave’ by Rize Alliance now in pre-sales


Rize Alliance has begun pre-sales on the second phase of their 2-tower project at 133 St & 104 Ave in the growing West Village neighbourhood. The first phase of the project – the 28-storey ‘Wave’ condo tower – was completed back in 2014, with the second phase originally set to be called ‘Wynd’. Four years later, that name has now changed with the launch of a new marketing campaign and registration site set up for phase 2 under the name ‘Linea’.

With phase 2 of the project having already been approved as part of the original application for the site, Linea is likely to proceed with construction soon after sales. Despite the name change, the tower will retain its originally approved design – a twin of the Wave tower – featuring distinctive curved balconies and vibrant orange accents on the building’s exterior. Not only will Linea bring a twin tower to the development, but it will also complete the site which has been sitting vacant for years, bringing a new row of urban street-fronting townhouses along both 133 St and 104 Avenue, and a substantial outdoor amenity area / park. The website for the project is now open for registration offering 1, 2 & 3 bedroom condos and townhouses.

The completed Wave tower – Phase 1 of project


Site Plan for Wave (Tower ‘A’) and Linea (Tower ‘B’)


Linea site within City Centre Plan

With sales now just around the corner, Linea will likely begin construction in 2019, making it the 5th residential tower expected to start next year in the red hot Surrey City Centre condo market, following 3 condo towers expected to start this year, and 2 office towers. It was noted in the Spring 2018 issue of West Coast Condo that benchmark prices for condos in Surrey City Centre led all of Metro Vancouver in growth over the past year – up 45.6% between December 2016 and December 2017. Despite the price growth, Surrey City Centre still remains one of the most affordable areas to buy a condo in Metro Vancouver, and the best place to invest in real estate in BC for future growth.

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Photo Update: Evolve (West Village Phase 4)

WestStone Group’s Evolve project has begun to pick up pace at 133 + 103A Ave. The main tower has now reached a height of 8 floors, with pouring set to begin on the 9th floor by the end of the week. The 36-storey condo tower and accompanying 3-storey commercial building is phase 4 of the 8-phase West Village master planned neighbourhood being developed by WestStone Group. Phase 5, which will consist of a 44-storey rental tower above a 13-storey podium just east of Evolve, is expected to break ground later this year or early next. Across 133 St from Evolve work has also just begun on the new West Village Park & District Energy Centre, set to open in 2018.












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West Village featured in City of Surrey promotional video

A new promotional video has been posted on the City of Surrey’s YouTube channel featuring the emerging West Village neighbourhood of Surrey City Centre. Located to the west of Surrey Central Station north of 102 Ave and south of 104 Ave, West Village is a newly coined name for the area, in the midst of transformation into high density, mixed-use, green, urban neighbourhood.

Already home to a number of residential towers, West Village is poised to grow rapidly over the next decade with the addition of more residential towers, shops, offices, parks, pedestrian walkways, bike paths, a district energy centre, and an expanded Simon Fraser University. All this within close walking distance to SkyTrain, future LRT, Civic Plaza, and the city’s emerging Central Business District.

Aside from the focus on West Village, the video features a new live-action 3D rendered depiction of the future City Centre area, envisioned by 2025. While many of the future buildings shown in the video are conceptual placeholders, many others are known proposals or already under construction such as SFU’s Sustainable Energy & Environmental Engineering Building, and Weststone Group’s Evolve. Oddly however some known proposed and even under-construction buildings are absent from the film, such as the under construction Prime on the Plaza, which is shown as a vacant grass field next to SFU in the video.

The video and screenshots can be found below:

View of future Surrey City Centre (approx. 2025)
West Village Neighbourhood (approx. 2025)
View looking east on future Central Ave next to under construction Evolve
View looking west on future Central Ave towards under construction Evolve
View of the future District Energy Centre and West Village Park
Top down view of future West Village Park & District Energy Centre
Future West Village Park
View of the Central Business District
Future pedestrianized City Parkway at Central Avenue 
SFU Sustainable Energy & Environmental Engineering Building
View west towards SFU and West Village
View west along Central Avenue (Oddly missing Prime on the Plaza)

44-Storey ‘West Village 5’ to provide all rental housing – Completion by 2020


WestStone Group’s ‘West Village 5’ is heading to Council on Monday, just 3 months after an initial application was submitted for the project back in January. In a Planning Report released on Friday, it was revealed that all residential units in the 44-storey building are to be rental housing, signifying a resurgence towards purpose-built rental housing amongst developers. In all the project is to consist of:

  • 11 Townhouse units
  • 539 Apartment units ranging from studios to 3-bedrooms
  • 14,676 sq.ft. of commercial space consisting of ground-level retail with 2 floors of office above.

It is expected that the commercial/retail component of the project will anchor the new intersection of 133A St and Central Ave (103 Ave), adding to the retail/commercial along Central Ave currently under construction at Evolve. Central Ave will eventually connect directly through to Civic Plaza, Surrey Central station, and beyond, forming a new commercial/residential ‘High Street’ through Surrey City Centre.

It was also indicated in the planning report that the project is set to proceed on an expedited schedule, with completion and occupancy intended by Fall 2020. This would mean the project would need to begin construction later this year.

Revised Master Plan for West Village. Evolve currently under construction on Parcel 4 and subject proposal shown on Parcel 5.

Site plan showing currently under construction Evolve and subject proposal.

Elevation renderings of the project in relation to surrounding proposed and existing towers.

View of the rapidly growing West Village neighbourhood. Subject site located directly in front of the existing 36-storey Ultra Tower.

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Early Look at WestStone’s next tower in West Village

Further to news in January on the submission of a development application for WestStone Group’s next tower in West Village, more details have now surfaced showing changes to the original plan.

As per a recently released rendering of the project by Adessa Visuals, and application details from the City of Surrey, the project is now proposed as a 46-storey tower above a 14-storey podium. The significant massing of the project is a departure from early plans for the site, which showed a tower above a commercial/retail podium similar to the under construction Evolve next door. Early plans also showed a small plaza/park space on the southern portion of the site, which has now been replaced by the 14-storey podium, covering the entire site.

The scale of the project, designed by Vancouver-based Chris Dikeakos Architects is set to further transform the growing West Village neighbourhood to the west of Surrey Central Station. This latest tower is Phase 5 of an eventual 8 Phase project.




West Village Plan showing previous plan for site on Parcel 5 with the park now replaced by a 14-storey podium.

Development Application submitted for new 46-Storey tower in West Village


A new development application has been submitted to the City of Surrey by Chris Dikeakos Architects Inc. to develop a new 46-storey mixed-use tower at 10297 133A St in the rapidly-changing West Village neighbourhood of Surrey City Centre. Details of the application at this time indicate that 551 residential units are proposed within the tower, along with 4491 sq.ft. of commercial & retail space at ground level. The development would complete the block occupied by the neighbouring 35-storey ‘Ultra’ tower, and the currently under-construction 36-storey ‘Evolve‘ tower, designed by the same Architect.

This latest tower represents ‘Phase 6’ of a master plan for the area being developed by WestStone Group as shown on the map below. It appears that this next phase will be moving forward ahead of ‘Phase 5’ on the map which is shown just to the north. In addition to adding density and new residents to the area, the proposed commercial and retail space will compliment similar space under construction at Evolve to create a new neighbourhood commercial hub for West Village along future 103 Ave (Central Ave).


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